Adding Oomph to Your Step with Crocs Jibbitz

The simple Crocs Jibbitz clog gets an instant dose of personality with Jibbitz charms. These decorative buttons slip into the clog’s ventilation holes to customize your Crocs with color, shimmer, and flair. I decided to test out a wide assortment of Jibbitz to see just how much they can transform an ordinary pair of Crocs.

Crocs Jibbitz

What is Crocs Jibbitz?

Jibbitz are essentially buttons or charms made to accessorize Crocs shoes. They were launched by the company in 2006 as a way to customize their iconic clogs. Jibbitz slides right into the ventilation ports on Crocs.

Crocs Jibbitz comes in an endless variety of shapes, colors, and designs. You’ll find charms of flowers, animals, food, icons, alphabet letters, and more. Special collections feature glitter, slime, swirls, tie-dye, and other eye-catching finishes.

My Crocs Jibbitz Review

I picked up a classic black Crocs pair and 50 assorted Jibbitz to mix and match. Here’s my review of how these charms impacted the look and feel of the Crocs:


Popping Jibbitz into the ports completely transforms the clogs. I could create fun looks ranging from playful rainbows to classy black and white. So many options for customization!


The Jibbitz don’t impact the trademark Crocs comfort at all. If anything, they add a nice texture underfoot when walking. No issues with rubbing or pressure points.


After testing the Jibbitz extensively, none have broken, fallen out or shown wear. They snap securely into place and can be popped out to rearrange anytime.


A set of 12 Jibbitz costs $10-15. It allows endless styling versatility, making it a worthwhile investment to mix up your Crocs.

Ease of Use

Putting in and taking out the Jibbitz is simple, even on the go. I could change up designs conveniently and quickly. Kids would especially love this feature.

Overall Thoughts

Jibbitz is an affordable game changer that makes every pair of Crocs unique. The styling potential is endless. They liven up boring Crocs and make great gifts for Crocs lovers who already have the staple clog styles.


I highly recommend all Crocs wearers pick up a set of Jibbitz to customize their clogs. Mix and match to fit your mood or outfit any day of the week. They instill new life into a basic pair of Crocs.


Have you tried jazzying up your Crocs with Jibbitz? Let me know in the comments about your go-to Jibbitz combinations or style tips!

FAQ About Crocs Jibbitz

How do you put Jibbitz on Crocs?

Jibbitz simply snaps into the ventilation ports on Crocs clogs and other Crocs shoe styles.

How much does Jibbitz cost?

Jibbitz are sold in sets typically ranging from $10-15 for a pack of 12 charms.

Can Jibbitz fall out of Crocs?

Jibbitz are designed to securely lock into place in the Crocs holes and won’t easily fall out with normal wear

Are Jibbitz made for kids and adults?

Yes, Crocs offers Jibbitz in a wide variety of designs for men, women, and children

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