Floor It In Style With Lightning McQueen Crocs

If you or your little racer are fans of the Disney movie Cars, the new Lightning McQueen Crocs are a must-have. I bought a pair for my son and here’s my review:

Floor It In Style With Lightning McQueen Crocs

Appearance – 5/5

These red Crocs feature vivid graphics of Lightning McQueen himself in action poses. The textures emulate details like the racing tires and carbon fiber accents on McQueen’s body. There are also subtle checkered flag details along the footbed edges. The overall look is very eye-catching and unmistakably Cars.

Comfort – 4/5

As expected with any Crocs, the Lightning McQueen edition provides plenty of cushioning and a roomy toe box. My son said they felt soft and bouncy. The vent holes allow airflow. The only issue is the back heel tends to slip up and down a bit when walking.

Quality – 5/5

The Crocs feel very durable and sturdy. The graphics are embedded into the Croslite material so they won’t peel or fade. The texture detailing adds visual interest. After a few weeks of play, they still look brand new.

Value – 5/5

For licensed Disney shoes, these are very fairly priced at $39.99. Other character Crocs cost about the same. Compared to other kids’ shoe brands, this is affordable for the theming you get.

Overall – 5/5

My son wears these Lightning McQueen Crocs almost daily. They combine two things kids love – Cars and Crocs comfort. The fun graphics make ordinary outfits more interesting. These will be perfect for casual play or trips to Disney World. Racing fans young and old will love them!

Overall, the Lightning McQueen Crocs deliver an eye-catching Cars-themed look with Crocs signature comfort. Your little racing fan will feel like a winner wearing these.

FAQ About Lightning McQueen Crocs

How much did the Lightning McQueen Crocs cost?

The Lightning McQueen Crocs likely cost $30-$50.

Did they making stop Lightning McQueen Crocs?

Yes, it appears Lightning McQueen Crocs are no longer in production.

Are Lightning McQueen Crocs coming back in 2024?

Unfortunately, there is no indication that Lightning McQueen Crocs will be brought back in 2024.

Do Lightning McQueen Crocs glow?

No, standard Lightning McQueen Crocs do not glow in the dark.

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