Get Your Green On With Shrek Crocs

The ogre-inspired Shrek Crocs are the latest quirky collaboration that has taken the internet by storm. I decided to try out a pair of the swamp-green clogs to see if they bring as much joy as the meme suggests.

Shrek Crocs

About Shrek Crocs

In 2022, Crocs released a limited edition collaboration with DreamWorks to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the animated film Shrek. The iconic clogs are bright green and feature Shrek’s ears on the top along with facial details.

The shoes lean into the ogre theme with faux “warts” and other embellishments related to the lovable character. The exclusive Shrek Crocs sold out quickly, showing the popularity of the unusual novelty design.

Trying Shrek Crocs

As a fan of eccentric shoes, I was excited to track down a pair of the Shrek Crocs for myself. Here’s my experience wearing these conversation-starting clogs.


Underneath the exterior detailing, they have the same cushy Crocs comfort. My feet were happy after long days of wear.


I received more comments and questions about my Shrek Crocs than any other shoe. They’re a great icebreaker.

Limited Wear

While fun, the Shrek Crocs are a bit too costumey for every day. I wore them on weekends or for get-togethers with friends.

Difficult to Keep Clean

The light green shows dirt, so I had to wash them frequently to keep that fresh-from-the-swamp look.


The Shrek Crocs deliver joy and laughs. For fans of the films, they’re a fun collector’s item and conversation piece. I recommend them for casual weekends and parties, not daily wear.

In the End

Have you joined the Shrek Crocs craze yet? Let me know in the comments if you scored a pair or what you think of the meme-inspired shoes.

FAQ About Shrek Crocs

Are Sherk Crocs limited edition?

Yes, the Shrek Crocs were a limited collaboration released in 2022 for the movie’s 20th anniversary. The specialty clogs sold out quickly

Where can I buy Shrek Crocs?

The limited edition Shrek Crocs are currently sold out online and in stores.

When were the Shrek Crocs released?

Crocs launched the Shrek collection in 2022 for the movie’s 20th anniversary.

What makes the Shrek Crocs unique?

The clogs are bright green with Shrek’s facial features and “warts” for an ogre-inspired design.

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