Lisa Frank Crocs: Step into a Neon Nostalgia Dream

The early 2000s brand Lisa Frank has finally blessed Crocs with its iconic technicolor style. This limited-edition collection pairs the throwback designs we love with Crocs’ signature comfort. I could snag one of the coveted Lisa Frank Crocs pairs to experience the retro magic myself. Read on for the full review!

Lisa Frank Crocs
Lisa Frank Crocs

About Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank is a colorful school supply and accessory brand popular in the 90s and early 2000s. Known for its kaleidoscopic rainbows and fantasy characters, the bright patterns sparked major 90s kid nostalgia. After fading into obscurity, the Lisa Frank designs have regained popularity.

The Collaboration

In 2022, Lisa Frank and Crocs launched two limited-edition clog styles to satiate fans of both brands. There’s a Classic Clog covered in a psychedelic floral pattern and a Pollex Clog showcasing vibrant tigers and rainbows.

Each pair initially retailed for $69.99. Because of high demand and low stock, the Lisa Frank Crocs now resold for upwards of $300. The collaboration perfectly blends Y2K nostalgia with Crocs comfort and lightweight practicality.

My Lisa Frank Crocs Review

I was one of the lucky few able to purchase the Tiger Pollex Clogs before they sold out. As a Lisa Frank lover, I was over the moon, unboxing these neon relics from my childhood. Here’s my in-depth review:


It’s like Lisa Frank threw up on a pair of Crocs…in the best possible way! The vivid rainbow print over swirls of tigers evokes strong Y2K vibes. A fun statement piece.


The Croslite foam and roomy fit provide that familiar Crocs comfort. My feet stayed cushioned and comfortable even after hours of wear. No rubbing or pinching.


I ordered my typical Crocs size, and the fit is perfect. Not too snug or too big. The strap secures them nicely.


After repeated wears, the Lisa Frank graphics haven’t cracked or faded. The Crocs themselves clean up great after getting dirty.


This is the collab Crocs fans have been waiting for! It evokes so much nostalgia while keeping feet comfortable all day. A treat for 90s kids!


I highly recommend the limited edition Lisa Frank Crocs to fans of the iconic Y2K brand. They deliver both style and comfort but sell out quickly when restocked, so grab them fast!


Did you score a pair of the Lisa Frank x Crocs collab? Let me know in the comments if they brought back childhood nostalgia and how you styled them!

FAQ About Lisa Frank Crocs

Where can I buy the Lisa Frank Crocs?

The limited edition collab is currently sold out. You’ll have to check resale sites like eBay and Poshmark.

What do the Lisa Frank Crocs look like?

They come in colorful, psychedelic prints of flowers or tigers with Lisa Frank’s signature rainbows.

When was the Lisa Frank Crocs collection released?

Crocs launched the Lisa Frank collection in early 2022 but it sold out instantly.

Will the Lisa Frank Crocs be restocked?

It’s unknown if Crocs plan to restock more pairs, but sign up for alerts just in case!

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