Towering Above in Platform Crocs


The chunky platform shoe trend has officially collided with the iconic Crocs clog. I decided to try out a pair of platform Crocs to see if they could deliver height and comfort.

Platform Crocs

The Rise of Platform Crocs

In 2021, Crocs entered the platform shoe hype by launching elevated versions of their classic clog. The Platform Clog features a towering 2.4-inch Croslite foam sole for extra height. Other models like the Mega Crush Clog take it further with a 3.4-inch platform base.

After seeing platform slides and sandals take over social media, Crocs wanted to offer fans a way to join the trend in signature foam comfort. The bold platform Crocs come in many colors to match anyone’s style.

My Review of Platform Crocs

As someone who loves a little extra height, I was immediately intrigued by platform Crocs. I decided to try the 2.4-inch Platform Clog model in black. Here’s how they stacked up after a few weeks of wear:


The contoured Croslite foam provides just as much cushion as classic Crocs. The platform sole doesn’t weigh down the step at all.


The 2.4-inch platform gives a noticeable boost without being too drastic. I felt taller but still stable.


Platform Crocs aren’t for the shy! I have lots of questions about rocking these chunky clogs. They add flair to jeans, leggings, dresses and more.


The sole seems very sturdy and rugged. No signs of wear even after repeated use.


I ordered my normal Crocs size, and the fit is roomy, as expected. For a more snug fit, consider sizing down.

Overall Thoughts

Platform Crocs delivers the iconic comfort fans expect with bonus height. They run very true to size and are built to handle daily wear. I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to jump aboard the platform shoe trend in a lightweight foam clog. Just be ready for the attention that comes with their bold look!

In the End

Have you tried Platform Crocs yet? Let me know in the comments if you love the extra height or think Platform and Crocs should never meet!

FAQ About Platform Crocs

How much height do platform Crocs add?

The platform sole adds 2.4-3.4 inches of height depending on the model.

Are platform Crocs good for wide feet?

Yes, Crocs have a roomy toe box that accommodates wider feet well.

Do you think you can wear platform Crocs all day?

The Croslite foam offers a cushion for extended wear. Just break them in first.

What outfits pair well with platform Crocs?

Platform Crocs look great with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses – almost anything!

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