Elevating Retro Chic: The New Balance 2002R

The New Balance 2002R is a fresh new sneaker that reimagines a classic running shoe from 2002 into a stylish modern version. With its eye-catching protection pack and vibrant color schemes, the 2002R has quickly become one of New Balance’s most popular lifestyle shoes of late. In this in-depth feature, we’ll take a close look at the heritage behind this shoe and break down the key updates that make the 2002R a top choice for casual wear and fashion-forward style.

New Balance 2002R
New Balance 2002R

The Origins and Inspiration Behind the 2002R

The original New Balance 2002R model was first introduced in 2002 as part of New Balance’s alpha-numeric “R” classified running collection. The 2002 highlighted the brand’s expert cushioning technologies in a bold and chunky silhouette ideal for neutral runners. Accents of color popped against a grey suede and mesh upper with prominent “N” logos and absorb cushioning in a fresh, head-turning style.

Nearly 20 years later, the 2002R pays homage to its predecessor while giving it a major modern revamp. The familiar grey color scheme and “N” branding remain, but the 2002R swaps in a sleeker engineered mesh upper and adds an exaggerated midsole wrapped in a transparent “Protection Pack” shell. Vibrant color accents throughout give these retro kicks a bold new energy.

Key Features and Technologies of the 2002R

Engineered Mesh Upper

The 2002R features an Engineered Mesh Upper that provides optimal breathability and flexible comfort. The mesh construction is engineered to be lightweight and breathable, conforming to the shape of the foot for a flexible, sock-like fit. Overlays on the upper add structured support and durability to the otherwise soft and flexible mesh material.

Protection Pack Midsole

The 2002R highlights a bold Protection Pack Midsole wrapping the ABZORB foam cushioning. The exaggerated, transparent midsole shell showcases the internal ABZORB foam in vibrant colors for an eye-catching statement. This unique Protection Pack Midsole modernizes the retro silhouette and gives the 2002R its signature standout style.

ABZORB Cushioning

The 2002R features New Balance’s ABZORB cushioning technology in the midsole. ABZORB is a proprietary foam that compresses to soften impacts but resists bottoming out for responsive bounce. This soft, durable cushioning provides all-day comfort and support with each step in the 2002R.

NDurance Rubber Outsole

The 2002R utilizes a NDurance Rubber Outsole that provides durability and traction. NDurance is a proprietary rubber compound designed by New Balance for exceptional wear resistance. This high quality rubber outsole allows the 2002R to keep up with whatever activities your lifestyle demands.

Padded Collar

The 2002R features a plush, padded collar lining the ankle opening. This generous cushioning protects and comforts the ankle during wear, preventing any irritation. The padded collar also enhances the overall comfort and wearability of the 2002R for all-day use.

Why the 2002R has Become a Favorite Lifestyle Sneaker

With its eye-catching new design and comfort technologies, it’s no wonder the 2002R has fast become a popular casual style and fashion essential. The Protection Pack midsole wrap makes an iconic statement whether you’re strolling city streets or hanging out with friends.

The lively color accents and palettes like Phantom/Pink Glow allow you to mix and match with any casual outfit. Underfoot, the absorb midsole brings cloud-like cushioning so you can wear these retro kicks all day in comfort. Plus, the reasonable $120-$130 price point makes the 2002R a very accessible choice for those looking to add some fresh style to their rotation.

Ideal Uses for the New Balance 2002R

From the classroom to the coffee shop, a day out around town to a concert or night out, the 2002R works well for all your casual lifestyle needs. The comfort and support allow you to stay on your feet when exploring a new city or attending an event like a festival.

The bold style easily pairs with casual attire like jeans, shorts, dresses, and athleisure wear. And while designed as a lifestyle shoe, the ABZorb cushioning could handle low-impact gym sessions in a pinch too. Whether you dress them up or down, the New Balance 2002R makes a fun finishing touch to your day-to-day look.


With its turn-back-time-vibes and lively new details, the New Balance 2002R is this year’s must-have retro sneaker. It takes an iconic ‘90s runner and gives it renewed energy and streetstyle appeal. Comfortable, eye-catching, and reasonably priced, the 2002R has quickly become a favorite versatile sneaker for casual fashion. If your wardrobe could use a blast from the past with a fresh twist, the New Balance 2002R is calling your name.

FAQ About New Balance 2002R

What type of shoe is the New Balance 2002R?

The 2002R is a lifestyle, casual sneaker inspired by the original 2002 running shoe model from 2002. It features a chunky retro look with modern comfort technologies.

What is the Protection Pack on the 2002R?

The Protection Pack is the clear exaggerated midsole wrapped around the shoe. It showcases the ABZORB foam cushioning in vibrant colors for a bold, standout statement.

How does the 2002R fit?

The 2002R runs true to size for most wearers. The engineered mesh upper provides a flexible, foot-conforming fit. Those with wide feet may want to size up. The padded collar adds comfort.

Is the 2002R suitable for athletic activities?

While designed primarily as a casual, lifestyle shoe, the ABZORB cushioning and NDurance outsole provide enough support for very light athletic activity like walking or causal gym wear. However, serious athletes would likely want a more performance-focused shoe.

Wrapping It Up

The New Balance 2002R takes a classic retro runner from the early 2000s and gives it a major modern upgrade. With its stylish mesh upper, vibrant Protection Pack midsole, and essential ABZORB cushioning, this sneaker has fast become a top lifestyle pick thanks to its eye-catching aesthetics and all-day wearable comfort.

Its chunky silhouette and bold colors allow you to make a statement, while the reasonable price point makes it quite accessible. If you want your sneakers to be an artistic addition to your casual wardrobe, the New Balance 2002R is sure to turn heads wherever your days take you. This reimagined blast from the past has quickly proven itself to be one of New Balance’s coolest retro releases yet.

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